2020 BC Yukon Regional Judges






I am truly honored to be judging at BC Yukon Regionals again this year and look forward to the fun, both on and off the agility fields.  I am also really looking forward to getting to play Steeplechase with you on Friday.

My agility journey began in 2001 with my first Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Chance.  In 2004, I co-founded my own agility club, The Agility Connection (TAC), in Kingston. My judging experience began by designing and judging courses for TAC’s fun match trials.  I officially became a Starters/Advanced judge in July 2010 and a Masters Judge in November 2014.  Since then, in addition to the good fortune of judging 2018 BC Yukon Regionals, I had the privilege of judging at the 2016 Nationals in Montreal and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of judging Starters, Advanced and Masters events from one beautiful coast to the other.

Since entering the world of agility; I have trained, and competed with, six Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and two All Canadians.  I am currently training my third All Canadian, a dog I am “fostering” from a reserve in Northern Quebec.  I also enjoy training and competing in CARO and have dabbled in dock dogs and nose work.

I am passionate about the welfare of dogs less fortunate than our own, having organized many successful fundraisers and volunteering for numerous dog-related charities, including the emergency shelter for Humane Society International (HSI) in Quebec.  Since finding my passion for rescue, I have been privileged to welcome approximately forty dogs into my home for stays anywhere from one night to nineteen months or “forever”.

I currently share my heart and home with one Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Lyric), a Border Collie X (Livy, owned by my daughter), an All Canadian (Fayth), Mabel the Cat and two foster dogs, Zoom and Autumn.  Lyric is twelve and semi-retired.  Livy and Fayth are both currently competing at the Starters level.

Perhaps by the time BC Yukon Regionals rolls around, I will be enjoying the pitter patter of four more tiny Chessie feet.  Stay tuned…

I can’t wait!


I caught the agility bug 16 years ago when I took my first class to try something new with my young American Cocker Spaniel, Colby. Since that class, I have had the joy of playing agility with 5 different American Cocker Spaniels and they have all taught me different things over the past 16 years. I have been lucky enough to work with some great trainers over the years, but the most important lesson I have learned is to enjoy the journey. We have such a limited time with our canine partners, and it is most important to enjoy every moment when training and trialing.

Since I started playing agility, I have earned an ATChC from AAC with 3 of my dogs. We have also earned 2 bronze versatility awards and a silver Steeplechase award (something not too many cockers earn). I am currently working with my two younger dogs, as they are just starting to compete.

I also compete in CKC agility, scent hurdle racing and flyball, where my cockers have been the first to earn some top titles in those venues as well.

In 2015 I ventured into the world of judging agility, and it has been a fabulous experience. I continue to meet wonderful dogs and handlers, who enjoy the game as much as I do. My wish for everyone competing at the 2019 BC Yukon Regional Championship, is to enjoy your journey with your canine partner(s).

Sandi Maday