2019 BC Yukon Regional Judges


I am so honoured to have been asked to judge at the BC/YK Regionals! I have attended many Regional Championships, the first one being in 2004 with my Belgian Tervuren, Tanja, but this is the first time for me as a judge.

I first began agility training with Tanja in 2000. It all started out as a bit of fun. A social event at the local obedience club. Now almost 19 years later, even though there is a competitive element to my agility training, it still remains a fun social event for me. I have met so many good friends through agility!

I have competed with 5 dogs in AAC, all Belgian Shepherds. All have earned their ATChC and various metallic Awards of Merit. Tyra (who was born in Kamloops J) earned her Lifetime Achievement Award and won her class at her last Regionals. I am currently competing with one dog, Tuula. She too has had her share of successes and we recently had the privilege of representing Canada for the CKC at the AKC invitational Championships in Orlando. I have two up-and-coming dogs Freyja aged 2 and 5 month old puppy, Helli. Yes – also Belgian Shepherds!

I have been judging for about 10 years now and have judged in 8 of the Canadian provinces. Besides judging for AAC, I also judge for CKC and UKI. I love to learn and regularly attend seminars and clinics.

Enough about me!

I am looking forward to watching the partnerships of the BC/YK handler and their dogs and I sincerely hope that it will be an enjoyable experience for all. Life is too short. Make the most of it!


I am truly honored to be judging at BC Yukon Regionals again this year and look forward to the fun, both on and off the agility fields.  I am also really looking forward to getting to play Steeplechase with you on Friday.

My agility journey began in 2001 with my first Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Chance.  In 2004, I co-founded my own agility club, The Agility Connection (TAC), in Kingston. My judging experience began by designing and judging courses for TAC’s fun match trials.  I officially became a Starters/Advanced judge in July 2010 and a Masters Judge in November 2014.  Since then, in addition to the good fortune of judging 2018 BC Yukon Regionals, I had the privilege of judging at the 2016 Nationals in Montreal and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of judging Starters, Advanced and Masters events from one beautiful coast to the other.

Since entering the world of agility; I have trained, and competed with, six Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and two All Canadians.  I am currently training my third All Canadian, a dog I am “fostering” from a reserve in Northern Quebec.  I also enjoy training and competing in CARO and have dabbled in dock dogs and nose work.

I am passionate about the welfare of dogs less fortunate than our own, having organized many successful fundraisers and volunteering for numerous dog-related charities, including the emergency shelter for Humane Society International (HSI) in Quebec.  Since finding my passion for rescue, I have been privileged to welcome approximately forty dogs into my home for stays anywhere from one night to nineteen months or “forever”.

I currently share my heart and home with one Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Lyric), a Border Collie X (Livy, owned by my daughter), an All Canadian (Fayth), Mabel the Cat and two foster dogs, Zoom and Autumn.  Lyric is twelve and semi-retired.  Livy and Fayth are both currently competing at the Starters level.

Perhaps by the time BC Yukon Regionals rolls around, I will be enjoying the pitter patter of four more tiny Chessie feet.  Stay tuned…

I can’t wait!


I caught the agility bug 16 years ago when I took my first class to try something new with my young American Cocker Spaniel, Colby. Since that class, I have had the joy of playing agility with 5 different American Cocker Spaniels and they have all taught me different things over the past 16 years. I have been lucky enough to work with some great trainers over the years, but the most important lesson I have learned is to enjoy the journey. We have such a limited time with our canine partners, and it is most important to enjoy every moment when training and trialing.

Since I started playing agility, I have earned an ATChC from AAC with 3 of my dogs. We have also earned 2 bronze versatility awards and a silver Steeplechase award (something not too many cockers earn). I am currently working with my two younger dogs, as they are just starting to compete.

I also compete in CKC agility, scent hurdle racing and flyball, where my cockers have been the first to earn some top titles in those venues as well.

In 2015 I ventured into the world of judging agility, and it has been a fabulous experience. I continue to meet wonderful dogs and handlers, who enjoy the game as much as I do. My wish for everyone competing at the 2019 BC Yukon Regional Championship, is to enjoy your journey with your canine partner(s).

Sandi Maday


I am ecstatic & beyond honoured to be asked to judge the BC/YK Regional Championships for a second time.I have been very blessed to successfully compete in a multitude of dog sports (schutzhund, agility, obedience, rally, scent hurdling, & flyball) where my dogs & I have earned way too many titles while having way too much fun.It was because of my Border Collie, Abbi, & her incessant need for work that I began this marvellous adventure involving weaves & tunnels. It was she who took me across Canada & Alberta to stand by my side on multiple National & Regional podiums. It was she who eventually enabled me to cross the ocean to compete at my first WAC (2009 FCI). It was she who opened the door for me to become an AAC judge back in 2007 after tearing her cruciate necessitated an 18 month “break”.

After Abbi came my speedy Papillons, Rhyval & Quasi(modo), who taught me even more about handling & lines. Competing on both extremes of the spectrum gave me an even greater appreciation of safe, flowy, motivating course design.

Because of my 3 amazing dogs I have been exceptionally proud to have been asked to represent Canada 13 times now between the 3 World Championships where we’ve been fortunate to come home with 6 medals. Because of them we have won the AAC Nationals, UKI Nationals, AB/NWT Regionals, & Steeplechase Finals too many times to be legal over the past 12 years.
I have truly been blessed to have such wonderful furry teachers and thusly have shared their wisdom via coaching others to National & Regional podium placements for OC Agility since 2009.G’Luck to everyone who steps to the line at Regionals this year. May the agility gods bring good weather, fun courses, clean runs, and joy in your heart as you run beside your furry partner.


I am honored to be invited to judge the AAC BC/Yukon Regionals for another year.

AAC has been a part of my life for quite a few years now.  I served as  membership secretary for almost 10 years.  I managed the National team to compete in Holland in 2006, and have served on the National team committee for the last several years. I have traveled to international agility competitions in Italy, England and  Spain. My very first AAC judging assignment was the weekend of the Northeast Blackout of 2003, and I have honestly enjoyed every assignment since then! I started my agility career competing with Schnauzers, mini and Giant, and it appears I will end running black dogs with brows and beards.

To all competitors at this years Regionals, I wish you beautiful runs with your four legged partner, no matter the outcome.    Have a fun weekend and remember to hug your dog!



Shelley has been competing in agility since 1995. After being told that Kellie, a Beagle/Pointer cross, could not compete in obedience trials, Shelley and Kellie turned to agility and never looked back. Since then she has competed with several dogs; Molly a Brittany Spaniel, Mark, Janey and Reddy all English pointers.

Each dog has stretched her training abilities from working with a double dose of nose, to a sensitive serious girl who hated to be ‘wrong’, a gentle less motivated soul to several long stride high drive dogs.

Originally with a background in horses, Shelley has taught at Dream Fields Dog Training Facility just outside of Ottawa since their opening in 1999. As an AAC judge she has had the privilege to judge at many Regional and National events.


Case has agreed to step in at the last moment to replace Shelley Price as a Regional Judge! Thank you CASE! We are so lucky you are available!


What an honour to be invited to judge the Sunday Finals!   I am so excited!  I’ll have the best view in the place!

I live in West Kelowna, BC with my husband and our family that includes two active teens and two wonderful dogs. I started agility in 1996 in Edmonton with my first dog Madison, a small mix breed, remembered with gratitude for leading me to the sport of Agility. I’ve since competed in Agility with Derby, our Border Collie, a super little athlete that excelled in multiple dog sports. I now enjoy working with Brazen and Bunny, our enthusiastic Irish Setters, rounding out my experience competing in all height classes and various categories.

In the late 1990s, I had the opportunity to start teaching and judging agility.  I love supporting and cheering on competitors, both canine and human, as they test their training and work together towards the many different dreams available in this sport.  Good luck to all in Steeplechase and at the BCYR Regional Championships this weekend.  We are so lucky to have one weekend a year where our province comes together and we get to play with our dogs.  Enjoy!