2023 Vancouver Island BC Yukon Regional Judges


I am beyond excited and honoured to be part of the BC/YK 2023 Judging team! I started in agility in 1992 shortly after it came from England and when the AAC was called ADAC: the Agility Dog Association of Canada. I’ve been judging since 1998 and have been privileged to judge numerous Regional events and one National competition. Over the years I’ve had the joy of playing agility with many of my dogs bringing several to their ATChC titles and beyond, competed at a variety of Regionals and made the podium at Nationals. I am currently running Revel, my 5 year old Sheltie and Bill, my 4 year old St. Bernard. I’ve seen a lot of changes in agility but my goal is to always make agility safe and fun for the teams! In closing, I wish all of the competitors the best of luck, but more importantly, to leave the ring smiling with your canine partner.


I started trialing in 2006 with my border collie cross Jessie. It didn’t take long and I was addicted to the sport. I enjoyed several years of learning and competing then decided to become a judge in 2015. I loved judging and continued to upgrade becoming a Masters Judge in 2018. I have so many great memories from all the regionals and Nationals I have attended. I am very honoured to be one of the judges this year. Good luck to everyone and remember to have fun with your dogs.


I am very excited to be part of the group of judges chosen for the 2023 BC/Yukon Regionals. After judging my first Regionals last year in BC, and havig such a wonderful time, I was very excited to be asked to return. I have been lucky enough to be competing in agility for over 20 years with 7 different dogs, and being an AAC Judge for the last 8 years. My approach to course design is going for fast and flowy lines with unique challenges, one of my favorite things is to provide courses with different options and seeing how handlers execute them and what choices they choose for their own dog. I am looking forward to watching all the dogs and handlers to step to the line and give it their all. Good luck to everyone competing!


For over 30 years my dogs & I have competed in a variety of dog sports beyond Agility including Schutzhund, Obedience, Rally, Flyball, & Scent Hurdle Racing while earning a ton of titles and having too much fun along the way.

It was because of my Border Collie, Abbi, that I started on this marvellous adventure 20 yrs ago involving tunnels & weaves. It was Abbi who first brought me to the top of the Regional & National podiums & who brought me across the ocean for my first WAC (FCI in 2009). It was because of her cruciate injury, back in 2007, that a door opened for me to become an AAC judge the following year. After Abbi came my two pocket rocket Papillons, Rhyval & Quasi(modo), who taught me a greater appreciation for handling from the opposite end of the height spectrum.

Because of those three amazing dogs, I have won AAC Nationals, AB/NWT Regional Championships, & National/Regional Steeplechase Finals more times than legal and have accumulated well over 100 Top 3 individual National & Regional Championship placements along with earning the Highest Aggregate total over all heights & divisions at both Nationals & Regionals multiple times. Because of them, I have been asked to represent Canada 18 times at the 3 World Agility Championships (FCI, IFCS, & WAO) where we have won 9 medals/ribbons including that of World Champion. Because of them I became a massive advocate for safe, flowy courses for ALL heights of dogs and have attended seminars from the world’s best to further my knowledge in handling & course design.

I have truly been blessed to have such wonderful furry teachers & thusly have shared their wisdom via coaching other handlers to achieve their dreams since 2009. I am also a proud weekend warrior who has been co-hosting trials for 8 years now along with giving back to the AAC by volunteering on the Standing Rules Committee, the National Team Management Committee, & now as the AB/NWT Regional Director.

I am excited beyond belief to come back home to BC to judge Regionals for the 3rd time, but this time on the beautiful Island. G’Luck to everyone.