Crating Area

Regionals Crating Area Update

The Regionals Crating Area will be set up Wednesday evening, June 7, and Thursday morning, June 8.  The Crating Area is available to competitors, 11:00 am, Thursday, June 8.

There will be a crating chart posted which shows the location of reserved crating spots.  The “reserved” spots are marked with yellow surveyor flags, which have names printed on them.  The “self-serve” crating spots are marked with blue surveyor flags.  The “self-serve” spots are available to anyone who paid for a non-reserved, single spot.  All spaces are 15’ x 15’, to give everyone plenty of room to set-up, and allow for a bit of space between neighbors.

The Crating Area is organized with a centre aisle, a far left aisle, and a far right aisle.  There are marked rows going across the area.  These crating area “streets” are there to create safe passage of Pups and Peeps to-and-from the competition rings, porta-potties, vendors, parking, and camping areas.  To read the crating chart, stand facing the area, and left on the chart is on your left, and right is the right side!

Crating with friends close by is one of the best parts of Regionals!  The reserved crating spots were allocated as requests for reservations were emailed.   If your request was for 2 or 3 spots, your spaces are side-by-side.  If your request was for 4 or more spots, your spaces are placed in a ‘clump”, with some spots in one row, and the others in the row across.  The Agility Rocks crating list also had many competitors who paid for 2 or more crating spots.  You will find your names on the crating chart, and your reserved spots are marked with yellow, named flags.

It is hoped that the organization of the crating field, and assignment of reserved spots “works”!  Cathy Fowler, one of the Crating Area Volunteers, is available to trouble shoot, if there are any crating issues.  Extra self-serve crating will be available; please see April to pay the $20.00 cost.  It would be greatly appreciated by the clean-up crew, if you left the crating area tidy…..many thanks!

Best of Luck to All Competitors, and Have a Blast with Your Pups!

Susan Pye

(The Other Crating Volunteer!)