Special Awards

Special Draws

Regionals events are more than just podiums placements. This year we wanted to recognize that winners are on and off the podium, some qualify for Nationals and some don’t and that just stepping into the ring can be a big accomplishment.

There will be FOUR slips of paper in your competitor welcome bags and FOUR colour coordinated boxes to put them in over the weekend.

Please take the time to nominate someone in the four categories

You Phil up my cup award!  Yellow

What team made you smile today? Pink

What volunteer helped you today? Orange

What team had a memorable moment? Green

Pink, Orange and Green to be drawn on Sunday afternoon before Steeplechase finals.


Memorial Draws

The Regional Committee was approached by two different groups wanting to sponsor a prize in Phil’s name.


1. You Phil up my cup award!

Yellow paper in competitor bags

In honour of Phil who always brought an extra helping of fun to any agility event.

Nominate the one that replenishes your stores of mental, emotional and physical energy

The winner will be drawn at random before the Sunday morning briefing. Prize donated by the Poodle crew & Friends who loved Phil with all our hearts.


2. Top Rescue Dog

Phil was a long-time member of Top Dog and they are sponsoring a prize in Phil’s memory. Phil was well known in the agility community for running rescue dogs so this award will go to the highest scoring rescue dog at regionals.