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We are working hard to bring you a large variety of products and services – keep checking for additional Regional Vendors!

A raw food diet is the healthiest and most natural form of nutrition for your pet. It best replicates their food in the wild, and is free from any additives and preservatives that you might find in a grocery store brand. Make the switch today, and your pet will live a longer, healthier, and happier life.
We specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions that cause musculoskeletal pain or weakness. Our goal is to keep your pet both active and comfortable, whether they be high performance athletes or distinguished geriatrics, or anyone in between.
Tender Heart Healing is pleased to participate in the Regionals once again this year. We offer Reiki energy healing, a light and high vibrational energy which provides energetic balancing to reduce suffering, encourage and initiate the body’s self-healing ability. It is non-invasive, and gentle yet powerful. Reiki does not interfere with traditional medical treatment, but rather complements it. If either you or your dog needs calming, stress reduction and/or relief from competition pain, we’d love to help you. Show pricing at a 20% discount. Best of luck to all competitors!
Red Dog Blue Kat started in 2004 when six friends banded together to create recipes that supported the belief that their pets deserved better. This meant using real food, with whole ingredients, handcrafted with the same love and care they put into meals for their own families. They laid the groundwork for who we are today!

From the start, food safety, manufacturing quality and sustainability have been a core part of our company’s vision. Furthermore, we believe that to truly achieve our commitment to animal wellness we have to include all animals and the environment they live in. For that reason, we only use humanely raised meats, wild-caught fish and certified organic vegetables in our recipes.

At Red Dog Blue Kat we continue to be relentless in our pursuit to inform, support and enable pet guardians to make informed decisions to improve their pets’ health!
At One for Pets, we know you love your pets, and the planet. So we’re passionate about designing and producing pet accessories that are stylish, high-quality, well crafted, reasonably priced, and eco-friendly – everything from beds and airline-friendly carrier bags to food bowls, raincoats, and even bio-degradable waste bags.
Our aim: safe, happy, healthy pets; satisfied pet owners; successful retailers of our products, and a greener planet!
Rayne Clinical Nutrition believes in working with the experts in pet care, the veterinary team, to help owners find the right diet for their beloved pets. Rayne believes in providing nutrients, not adding them. We work with nutritionists, veterinary specialists, and veterinarians to develop whole food diets to provide the best nutrition for dogs and cats across Canada. We have a special interest in (and love for!) sport and working dogs. Nutrition plays a huge role in giving these athletes what they need to perform their best. We have amazing options to support your performance dog!
Little Paws Rescue Society is fortunate to have a hard-working group of volunteers who consistently make the effort to raise money to help with rescue costs. Thank you to those who are always out there gathering goods for garage sales and basket raffles, those who spend hours sewing dog blankets and those who give us an opportunity to set up our booth at their events.
IN MEMORY OF MAGGIE MAY is a non-profit organization, launched on October 11, 2013, one year after losing our beloved Maggie. In Memory of Maggie May is dedicated to Maggie May and to those before and after her … to honour their courageousness in their battle with cancer.
We are proud of everything we make, and it shows in the quality of our products.We produce a number of products; raw dog and cat food,raw dehydrated dog and cat food, and treats.
Jolena Kusec is a highly trained and experienced animal massage provider for K9 Rehab Wellness Centre in Burnaby, BC and for The Spaw in Aldergrove, BC. We are the only company that offers Registered Equine Massage Therapy, Canine Massage Therapy and Relaxation Chair Massage in the Fraser Valley. We are located in Langley, BC, the horse capital of British Columbia. For over 15 years, Jolena has been massaging our equine companions and has been providing canine massage for the last 7 years.
Dr. Raceeta MacKenzie is a veterinarian who has completed courses in animal chiropractic, veterinary acupuncture, and canine physical rehabilitation. Her integrative treatments combine her knowledge in these fields with other healing therapies, like LASER and aromatherapy. This year, we have the pleasure of adding Danielle Whims from Full Circle Canine Massage to our team. We will be offering both integrative and chiropractic packages, as well as individual appointments throughout the weekend. Please call 778-955-7297 or email for more details or to book your Regionals 2018 appointment!
Pet Wonder contains the three top natural ingredients for addressing arthritic concerns induced by aging or injury: glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and squalus acanthias(dogfish cartilage)

Pet Wonder is a natural health product designed to assist your dog or cat overcome arthritic concerns induced by aging, arthritic problems, particularly inflammation and pain, and to help with prevention of these ailments

Pet Wonder is completely natural with no side effects and can help restore your pet's vivaciousness, energy and health. Your pet will feel young again and provide you with extended years of companionship, and you will save on veterinarian bills and prescriptions.
Roaming Coffee Vancouver is a completely self-sufficient mobile coffee van which produces fresh speciality coffee for your staff or patrons at your work place, events, fesitivals, markets or sporting events.

A Vancouver based business, we know the importance of great coffee and that is why we work very closely with other local Vancouver companies to produce the best coffee experience.
Old Country Pierogi - Food cart operating in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We offer Eastern European food: pierogi (regular & GF), cabbage rolls, schnitzels (Saturday and Sunday)
Cheese Street Grill is operated by 2 chefs with "think out of the box" mentality, who believe in long lasting relationships.
Our chefs have an Indian and Mexican cuisine background plus vast experience with international cuisine sucha as; American, West coast and Asian cuisines, amongst others. (Friday and Saturday)
Reiki for anxious and ailing animals
Reiki is a powerful tool for emotional healing following trauma, abuse, neglect, fear and trust issues, reaching deeply into even the most damaged spirits.

Reiki compliments both conventional and alternative therapies and can enhance their actions and lessen their side effects. There is virtually no problem that cannot be treated effectively with Reiki.
Proudly serving Langley since 2005

100% Canadian owned, Harvey Pet Food & Supplies in Langley is not your typical pet store. We specialize in finding solutions, and we focus on total pet health care. With a range of dog and cat food from premium brands including Acana®, Go!®, Natural Balance®, Canadian Naturals™, Royal Canin and Petcurean, we ensure that your pet is eating only the best nutrition possible. For dogs on a raw food diet, we carry both the Amoré and Red Dog Blue Kat brands.
The process of sourcing high quality dogsport equipment and clothing for Ruffdog Sports began in 2014.
By 2015 the store was stocked and open for business.
We are a rapidly growing equipment supplier for active outdoor dog enthusiasts, military, police, professional dog trainers and competitors in dogsports. We import the highest quality equipment from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden and USA. Some of our unique products are also designed and locally made in our own backyard, Canada.
At Petcurean, we create premium quality, nutrient-rich food that’s right for pets, to help our dogs and cats get the most out of their lives with us. We always have, since day one when two good friends started a little family operation in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.
R & E Saddle & Tack RepairWe carry Back on Track products for the human, dog and horse. Special orders taken for many product lines.
K9 Rehab Wellness Centre services dogs in hydrotherapy, swimming, massage, integragrated & holistic veterinarians, energy work,acupuncture & chiropractics
At Phoenix Rising Integrative Vet Care our integrative approach to veterinary medicine is designed to minimize adverse effects while promoting successful treatment outcomes that can improve the quality of life. We put the emphasis on using one or all reasonable therapies or medicines that work together to increase the probability of disease prevention that may not be possible using one system of medicine alone.

Complementary and alternative veterinary medicine may include; canine rehabilitation, acupuncture, homeopathy, homotoxicology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and chiropractic.
I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage
Handmade dog items - crate caddies, tugs, snuffle mats, fleece leashes..
Distributors of the funnest in fine quality dog toys and training tools. Introducing FloRaMicaTo toys and leashes to Canada - these fabulous toys, designed and hand crafted in Slovenia, were made famous by Silvia Trkman and Polona Bonac. Both you and your dog will want one!
Made in Canada
Smith Training Equipment has been providing the agility and obedience communities with quality equipment since 1995 in Abbotsford, BC, Canada
What are Cari-Ann and Robyn planning???
Valens Pet Nutrition
All of our recipes are made exclusively in the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia in state-of-the-art facilities that are the most rigorously audited and inspected extrusion technology dry pet food production facilities in all of Canada.