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Just a reminder, as we have done in the past to accommodate travellers to the Regions – we will be offering walkthroughs/afternoon runs for the steeplechase events on Friday to allow travellers to enter the 2 events even if they can’t be there in the morning.

ESTIMATED TIMES BASED ON LAST YEAR: There will be a general walkthrough at 8:30 am. First dog on line  at 9:30 am (approx to be confirmed after closing). We will go through the gate sheets as ordered (starting Spec/Vet in one ring and Regular in other), get as far as we can and take a break round noon.  Rings will be open again for a general walkthrough and runs will start at 1 pm (we will start the gate list WHERE we finished before lunch – not starting at the top!) There will be one more additional walk through at approximately 3:45 for anyone who was not able to be there before 1pm (PLEASE be aware that you will be running your steeplechase events back to back if you are participating in the final walk through group – so do try to be there for the previous walkthroughs/running orders where possible – we ask that most consider this a last resort and try to get their runs done in the regular morning and afternoon sessions)
BUT you must let Lisa know when you are arriving if you are not there in the morning. If we do not receive prior notice of your late arrival, your runs will be marked as DNR and you unfortunately will not be allowed into the late walk throughs/running orders.
If this is not clear, please send me an email –