Steeplechase Cash Awards are sponsored by the wonderful club members of the

Steeplechase 1 will be judged by Paula Collins
Steeplechase 2 will be judged by Christine Mandy
Steeplechase Run-off will be judged by Meaghan O’Neill

After all the Sunday regional events are complete, and we await the cumulative scores/placement results, the BCY 2020 Regionals Committee will host a Steeplechase Run-Off (non-sanctioned) based on the results from the two steeplechase events on Friday. To qualify for the money round on Sunday, you need to finish in the top 2 of your class of either of Friday’s courses, whether you qualified for AAC purposes or not. If you finish in the top 2 in both Friday’s runs, you still only get one chance to run on Sunday, but you have reduced the number of competitors you will be running against by keeping another dog out of that spot. There are potentially 4 competition spots in each of the 20 jump heights.

Each height and division will have their own cash jackpot based on the number of entries in the two Friday Steeplechase events. There will be no combining of heights or divisions.

There is no fee to enter the run-off round (but it is only open to those who are invited to run based on Friday’s results). Qualifiers list for the Sunday event will be posted Sunday morning in the results area along with the jackpot amounts for each runoff. The K-9 Cliffhangers will be donating the net proceeds from the Friday Steeplechase events to the cash jackpots.

AAC passed the following motion:

MOVED By Seanna O’Neill seconded by Cindy Swiney, that when cash prizes are going to be awarded at any AAC event, (including Regional/National event), the actual amounts of the cash award and/or percentage of entry money to be put toward the cash awards must be outlined in the premium list, along with how the cash awards will be distributed among the various heights and/or divisions.

In order to satisfy this rule, the committee guarantees that there will be a minimum of $25 per jump height  awarded to the steeplechase run off champion for that height division (with at least 14 or more runs in that height division on Friday) . Any steeplechase run off champion in a height division with 13 or less runs in the two steeplechase events held on Friday will be guaranteed a minimum jackpot of $5. Past history leads us to believe the jackpots MAY BE higher, but until registration is complete and net proceeds are calculated this is declaration meets the requirement of the motion. At time of printing we have not secured a PRIZE sponsor, but you will hear about if we do!