Crating Area

Crating Areas

Outdoor Crating

Outdoor crating spot (10×10) $10

As we did last year, outdoor crating will be marked in the areas west of the regular ring (north of the indoor crating barns). Actual spacing will be based on number of spots booked, but everyone will have a spot marked with their name. The best way to ensure you are situated with friends or a training group, have one person pay for all the required spots with their entry. You may send a placement request to but if there is a significant time difference between your entry and your friend, you may be placed further apart as placement is first in closest to the rings.


There are stalls in the International Barn and Cupola Barn

Several people can share a stall reducing the fee of $95

As with outdoor crating, placement will be based on time of registration/payment – if you wish to be near a friend or group, have one person pay for all the spots you require OR ensure you are booking at approximately the same time and send a request email to Placements will start with International Barn then into Cupola Barn.

International Barn is located on map above (indoor crating below “vendors)

Cupola Building is the long building directly to the east of the International Building on the map above (indoor crating below “outdoor crating” )