Results and Course Maps

 2018 Regional Courses





Friday Steeplechase 1


Friday Steeplechase 2


Sunday Steeplechase Run Off:


Regional Aggregates No AB are the accurate podium placements for the 2018 BCY Regionals:

Regional Aggregates No AB


Regional Aggregates include the Alberta Competitors so they can see their Aggregate scores for 2018 National Qualifiers, this is not the actual podium placements for 2018:

Regional Aggregates



Results – Regional Gambler 1

Results – Regional Gambler 2

Results – Regional Jumper 1

Results – Regional Jumper 2

Results – Regional Standard 1

Results – Regional Standard 2

Results – Steeplechase 1

Results – Steeplechase 2


Here is the Steeplechase Run Off spreadsheet and winner listing. Placements for the Run Off were based on Steeplechase 1 and 2 from Friday night – 1st and 2nd from each event were placed for the running off as follows:

1st place steeplechase 1 – ran last

2nd place steeplechase 1 – ran third

1st place steeplechase 2 – ran second

2nd place steeplechase 2 – ran fourth

If you see (drop) that means that dog took two placements in the Steeplechase 1 and 2 events and knocked out another competitor. Three divisions had money placements further than First – 12 and 16 Regular to Second and 20 inch to Third. Total money given away – $1,815. Thank you K9 Cliffhangers and Harvey Pet Foods for sponsoring the event!

Steeplechase Finals

**Note – special mention – Tressia Toole and Jetta qualified on Friday but pulled due to injury, so Allison Frame and Hyjinx was substituted in based on STC 1/2 placements.